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Summertime Saga For Android

Summertime Saga For Android

summer saga

Become a student in the spicy ‘visual novel’ Summertime Saga! The story begins when the protagonist’s father dies, meaning the debt he owed to the Mafia becomes the responsibility of you and your family.

Summertime Saga doesn’t have a strictly linear development, you are free to visit any part of the city whenever you wish, and interact with all the characters you meet along the way. But only three events can be completed per day, after that you must go to sleep, starting a new day.

Your protagonist has a series of attributes which can be slowly improved as you participate in events. For example, improve your charisma by competing in rap battles, or your physical attributes by going to the gym.

One of the most interesting elements of Summertime Saga is, like most ‘visual novels’, you can develop romantic relationships with many of the characters. Learn more and more interesting details about the character’s backstories as you get to know them better.

Go on an adventure with Summertime Saga! You’ll enjoy the entertaining (and sometimes a bit risqué) story, numerous subplots, and strikingly good graphics.

Download Summertime Saga For Android

Clash Royale 2.0.8

Clash Royale 2.0.8

Clash Royale 2.0.8 is an RTS where you fight against other online players in frantic duels. This time around, you’ll find the full beloved cast of characters from Clash of Clans: Giants, Barbarian Kings, Wall Breakers, Archers, and many more facing off in a strategic arena.
Clash Royale screenshot 1 Clash Royale screenshot 2Clash Royale screenshot 12
Clash Royale 2.0.8’s gameplay is simple and straightforward. You start out the game with three towers: one in the middle and the other two on each side. Your aim is to use your troops to destroy your enemy’s central tower, while also defending your own towers. Each tournament lasts three minutes, unless there’s a tie – in that case, you get some extra time.

In Clash Royale 2.0.8, tons of combat units await, but first, you have to unlock them. That means, you’ll need to collect enough cards. That said, adding on new cards to your deck requires earning the right to open up new chests which you only gain by winning tournaments.

Each Clash Royale 2.0.8 unit has specific features: life points, attack distances, deployment times, speed, etc. Improving these skills when you level up eventually allows you to design your troops strategically.

Clash Royale 2.0.8 is a hectic and fun multiplayer game. Each duel lasts (at most) between one and four minutes so you can play a quick match anytime, anywhere. Plus, its graphics – just like in the original Clash of Clans – are excellent.


Download Clash Royale 2.0.8


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Dr. Driving For Android

Dr. Driving For Android

Dr. Driving screenshot 1 Dr. Driving screenshot 2

The game has lots of different missions that generally require you to get from one point to another in the city, and then park your vehicle. The goal is not to go full speed through the streets of the city, but take the bends well, not crash, and ultimately, to drive responsibly.

By completing missions, depending on how well you do, you will receive an amount of money. And with this money, as you could probably guess, you can buy more and better vehicles for your trips around town.

“Dr. Driving For Android” is a different and entertaining driving game, which for once, does not ask you to participate in thrilling road races. This time you must drive well, but in a real way.


Download Dr. Driving For Android

Clash Of Clans-Android App

Clash Of Clans-Android App

Clash of Clans screenshot 1

“Clash Of Clans” is divided into two completely different stages. In the first, you have to build structures and hire citizens (yes, you have to pay them), while in the second, you get into strategy fights in real time where you can show off your skills.

The game offers ten types of different units which you can improve by gaining experience and money. You can also build all sorts of defense systems for your city, which is vital if you expect to outlast the enemy attacks that will arrive sooner or later.

Clash of Clans is an entertaining strategy and management game with a game play that is more interesting than it may sound. Moreover, it’s completely free and optimized for Android devices.

Download Clash Of Clans-Android App

8 Ball Pool-Android Games

8 Ball Pool screenshot 1

Gameplay in 8 Ball Pool-Android Games is very similar to any other pool game. You use your finger to aim the cue, and swipe it forward to hit the ball in the direction that you want. From there, you need to try and beat your opponent by following the rules set from the first pocket – shooting the striped or solid balls.

When you win games, you also win coins. You can use those coins outside of games to buy different upgrades for your cue. At the beginning, it will be plain wood, but soon you can add new things to bring real style to your match-ups.

8 Ball Pool-Android Games is a pool game with solid gameplay, where you can play against your Facebook friends or random opponents over the Internet. The game also has excellent, well-made graphics.

Candy Crush Saga Latest Version for Android

Candy Crush Saga screenshot 2Candy Crush Saga screenshot 3Candy Crush Saga screenshot 4Candy Crush Saga screenshot 5Candy Crush Saga screenshot 6Candy Crush Saga screenshot 7Candy Crush Saga screenshot 8Candy Crush Saga screenshot 9Candy Crush Saga screenshot 11

Latest Version Temple Run 2 (Version1.38) For Android

Temple Runs 2 is the most Addicting Android Action Game. With over 170 million downloads, Temple Run 2 redefined mobile gaming.


★ Beautiful new graphics
★ Gorgeous new organic environments
★ New obstacles
★ More powerups
★ More achievements
★ Special powers for each character
★ Bigger monkey!!!

Temple Run 2 file Information

File name: com.imangi.templerun2_v1.38-135_Android-4.0.apk
Version: 1.38 (135)
Uploaded: July 3, 2017 at 7:03PM GMT+00
File size: 46.39MB (48, 646,758 bytes)
Minimum Android version: Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14)
MD5: 33e7b5806b14844d035c02f1f9a0cd33
SHA1: 49470378121ef3efb2d07f153af7edd36cd0c529

Temple Run 2 (1.38)