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1 Weather For Android

1 Weather For Android

1Weather screenshot 1

The app offers a meteorologic forecast for anywhere in the world, with predictions for up to a week in advance, so you’ll have plenty of time to adapt your plans for rain or sun.

1 Weather For Android always checks the weather for wherever you are in that moment, so long as you’ve allowed the app to access your location.

One of the best parts of the application is its attractive widget, which will freshen up your home screen as well as give you up to the minute information without having to do anything other than turn on your phone.

You can view humidity indexes, local maps with precipitation estimates, and much more. All of this comes packaged in a beautiful interface specially designed for touch screen devices.

“1 Weather For Android” is a useful tool for any user, but those of you who love to travel or do a lot of outdoor activity will find the application essential for day-to-day use.


Download 1 Weather For Android

Dr. Driving For Android

Dr. Driving For Android

Dr. Driving screenshot 1 Dr. Driving screenshot 2

The game has lots of different missions that generally require you to get from one point to another in the city, and then park your vehicle. The goal is not to go full speed through the streets of the city, but take the bends well, not crash, and ultimately, to drive responsibly.

By completing missions, depending on how well you do, you will receive an amount of money. And with this money, as you could probably guess, you can buy more and better vehicles for your trips around town.

“Dr. Driving For Android” is a different and entertaining driving game, which for once, does not ask you to participate in thrilling road races. This time you must drive well, but in a real way.


Download Dr. Driving For Android

Vault For Android

Vault For Android

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos screenshot 1 Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos screenshot 2 Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos screenshot 3Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos screenshot 4
Vault For Android, better known as `Vault´, is an application which will allow us to create a small safe in our Android terminal, in which we can keep our most private text messages, photos or videos.

Nowadays we all have our private lives compressed in our cellphones. And this can be a problem, especially if that private life is seen by those who shouldn´t. To prevent this, Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos, offers you the possibility to insert any private elements inside and protect it with a password only we should know.

What we can insert in the different safe´s ranges from photos to videos which are typical, to whole Facebook contacts or from our telephone list. When we insert any of these, not only do we conceal their presence, but also any conversation or call with them.

“Vault For Android” is an essential tool for those who value their privacy above all. Jealous couples will have a hard enemy in this application, which will protect the best secrets of any user.


Download Vault For Android

360 Root Latest Version For Android

360 Root Latest Version For Android

360 ROOT apk screenshot 360 ROOT apk screenshot

360 ROOT apk screenshot 360 ROOT apk screenshot

360 Root Latest Version For Android is and android app which allows you to root your android device easily. It is a best application to root your android phone without any knowledge.

“360 Root Latest Version For Android” support many android devices.

‘360 Root Latest Version For Android’ can also be downloaded on Google Play Store.

Download 360 Root Latest Version For Android

Quik-Video Editor App For Android By Gopro

Quik-Video Editor App For Android By Gopro

Quik screenshot 1 Quik screenshot 2Quik screenshot 3Quik screenshot 4Quik screenshot 5Quik screenshot 6Quik screenshot 7Quik screenshot 8Quik screenshot 9Quik screenshot 10Quik screenshot 11Quik screenshot 12Quik screenshot 13
Quik-Video Editor App For Android By Gopro is an app that lets you create great videos from photos or other clips on your smartphone. In just a few seconds, this app analyzes all the content you selected and it automatically puts together a nice looking video adding transitions and a soundtrack.

“Quik-Video Editor App For Android By Gopro” users can choose among up to 20 different styles for their videos, that will radically upgrade your resulting video. You’ll also be able to customize your video by adding text, filters, music, and other effects. All of this is easy with Quik’s simple and elegant interface.

Even though Quik automatically handles most of the video processing, it’ll also let you get involved by letting you customize much of the fine details. For example, you’ll be able to crop videos that you add, change the focus point in photos, and of course, reorganize elements within your video. In this last case, you’ll also be able to change video formats.

Once you’ve finished your creation, all you’ll have to do is save it onto your phone. You’ll get to set whether you want your video to be saved in 720p or 1080p.

‘Quik-Video Editor App For Android By Gopro’ is an excellent app for creating videos, thanks to which you’ll be able to easily make video compositions in very little time. Choose the photos and videos that you want, pick a theme, and watch how in less than a minute, you get a video with outstanding quality.


Download Quik-Video Editor App For Android By Gopro

Runtastic Six Pack-For Android

Runtastic Six Pack-For Android

Runtastic Six Pack screenshot 1 Runtastic Six Pack screenshot 2 Runtastic Six Pack screenshot 3Runtastic Six Pack screenshot 4Runtastic Six Pack screenshot 5Runtastic Six Pack screenshot 6
Runtastic Six Pack-For Android is an app developed by Runtastic, one of the world’s most famous sports app developers, to get you in shape from your own living room through exercises personalized just for you. Practicing fitness is an activity that everyone has to adapt to their own needs, which is why Six Pack features all kinds of exercises you can pick to customize a chart exclusively for you.

If you don’t have time to go to the gym, this app will bring you all the information you need to know to work out at home, in the office, or at the park. One of its advantages is that all the activities include an explanatory video, a counter adjusted for the time it takes you to make a move, and a calculation of the total time each exercise requires. You can follow the moves of your guide while you’re working out, so you can exercise correctly without the need of a proper trainer.

The tutorials are varied and many. With a total of more than fifty videos, in a matter of weeks you’ll be able to have a flat stomach, increase your strength in a specific part of your body, or just improve your physical condition. Adjust the difficulty level and try hard to complete your daily goals. Do a follow up on your workouts and discover which aspects you can improve and how, as this is the only way you’ll reach your goals.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a newcomer to the world of fitness – Runtastic Six Pack-For Android” is designed for all kinds of users. Managing your own training depends exclusively on your goals and expectations. Open the app, wherever you are, and keep yourself healthy with five minutes a day.


Download Runtastic Six Pack-For Android

My Fitness Pal-Calorie Counter For Android

My Fitness Pal-Calorie Counter For Android

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal screenshot 1 Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal screenshot 2 Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal screenshot 3Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal screenshot 4
My Fitness Pal-Calorie Counter For Android is an application designed to help you lose weight. It is the fastest, easiest calorie counter for Android, and it includes a database of more than 3,000,000 different foods, which is bigger than that of any other calorie counter.

The application allows you to add the foods that you eat either manually, by searching for their names in the food database, or using the bar code reader. If you use the latter, you just have to scan the bar code with your device’s camera and you will quickly have all of its information.

In addition to counting the calories that you ingest as food, ‘My Fitness Pal-Calorie Counter For Android’ also allows you to keep track of the calories that you consume when you exercise. For example, you can record that you ate a 500 calorie serving of pasta, but that you burned 200 calories running for a half hour.

“My Fitness Pal-Calorie Counter For Android” is one of the best weight-loss applications out there. You can sync your progress with the official Calorie Counter website, which allows you to keep a consistent record of all the food you eat.


Download My Fitness Pal-Calorie Counter For Android

Fitbit-Look Smart For Android

Fitbit-Look Smart For Android

Fitbit screenshot 1 Fitbit screenshot 2 Fitbit screenshot 3Fitbit screenshot 4Fitbit screenshot 5Fitbit screenshot 6
Fitbit-Look Smart For Android  is an app that lets you keep a complete record of your physical activity as well as your eating habits and even your sleep schedule.

The optimal way to use the ‘Fitbit-Look Smart For Android’ app is alongside one its devices (for sale on its webpage), which help you measure your physical activity throughout the day: the steps you take, stairs you climb, calories you burn, etc.

Besides measuring your physical activity, “Fitbit-Look Smart For Android” also helps you keep a record of the water you drink and the food you eat. The app recommends a daily amount of water you should consume, so each time you have a glass you should note it down on the app. Fitbit-Look Smart For Android also recommends a certain number of calories you shouldn’t go over in a day, and lets you write down the food you eat.

Fitbit-Look Smart For Android, in short, can become a central switchboard for keeping your habits healthy. It lets you control everything about your health: athletic activity, eating habits, water consumption, etc.

Download Fitbit-Look Smart For Android

Clue-Period Tracker For Android

Clue-Period Tracker For Android

Clue - Period Tracker screenshot 1 Clue - Period Tracker screenshot 2 Clue - Period Tracker screenshot 3Clue - Period Tracker screenshot 4Clue - Period Tracker screenshot 5Clue - Period Tracker screenshot 6Clue - Period Tracker screenshot 7Clue - Period Tracker screenshot 8Clue - Period Tracker screenshot 9Clue - Period Tracker screenshot 10Clue - Period Tracker screenshot 11Clue - Period Tracker screenshot 12
Clue-Period Tracker For Android  is an app that helps you ‘predict’ your menstrual cycle, PMS, and fertile window. The app’s wide variety of options help you establish connections between your mood and your cycle.

The best part about “Clue-Period Tracker For Android” is its elegant interface. It’s easy to figure out where you’re at in your current cycle and look at lots of other interesting details. You can also add all the information you want to today’s date with just a tap of the screen.

You can write down lots of information regarding your mood, sexual relations, consumption of alcohol and other drugs, type of bleeding, and appetite. Doing this is as easy as tapping the corresponding icon.

‘Clue-Period Tracker For Android’ is one of the best apps for predicting your period or keeping track of it. Its comfortable interface and huge number of features make it one of today’s best options.

Download Clue-Period Tracker For Android

Cookpad Recipes For Android

Cookpad Recipes For Android

Cookpad screenshot 1 Cookpad screenshot 2 Cookpad screenshot 3Cookpad screenshot 4Cookpad screenshot 5Cookpad screenshot 6Cookpad screenshot 7Cookpad screenshot 8
Cookpad Recipes For Android is an app to share your recipes with a huge community of aficionados. It lets you access more than 60,000 home recipes shared by 10,000 different cooks.

From the main menu in “Cookpad Recipes For Android” you can use the search box to look for recipes. Obviously you can also explore the most popular recipes in the community, from soups to roast meats and different types of dessert.

Posting your own recipes is really easy as well. Just take a picture of the cooked dish and include a name for it. Then you can add as many details as you want. The more information your recipe has, the better.

‘Cookpad Recipes For Android’ is an excellent cooking app. It lets you not only discover new recipes, but also help other users and be part of a community.


Download Cookpad Recipes For Android