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Nova Launcher For Android

Nova Launcher For Android

Nova Launcher screenshot 1 Nova Launcher screenshot 2 Nova Launcher screenshot 3Nova Launcher screenshot 12
Nova Launcher For Android is a powerful and elegant launcher that lets you customize aspects of your home screen, icons, and folders.

One of the features that stands out and makes a difference in “Nova Launcher For Android” is its outstanding graphic quality. Even the simple action of sliding your finger to switch desktops shows an elaborate transition in three dimensions.

Besides aesthetic matters, Nova Launcher allows you to customize the gestures you use on your device. You can even set up shortcuts to make your Android device shake. Some of the features are included in the paid version only.

Besides all this, you can also customize the icons on your different desktops and make backups of your settings to import them to other devices. This means that if you like the style on your mobile phone, you can easily put it on your Android tablet as well.

‘Nova Launcher For Android’ combines versatility with elegance to offer a different home screen full of new possibilities. A real treasure for lovers of Android customization.


Download Nova Launcher For Android


You Can Also Download It From Google Play Store.