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Top 4 Applications For Webmasters

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Top 4 Applications For Webmasters

Hello Guys, welcome to my next post. In this post, I am going to share with you about 4 useful applications for any webmasters. These applications going to help you with your sites SEO, ranks, daily traffic, traffic geo and your earnings. It also gives informations about your site keyword density, amount of organic search and also your sites Da and Pa. To install these applications you have to have an android phone which has higher than KitKat or lollipop android version. To install these applications you do not require your android phone be rooted. It means you can use these applications without rooting your android phone. So let’s get started with our article.

1. Google Analytics: 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

The very first applications which help any webmaster to grow their websites is Google Analytics. All webmaster may know about this application. It is the free application by Google. In this applications, webmasters can see their traffic mass. And also can get knowledge about where their traffic is coming from. Because this application is provided by Google, it helps you to know exactly about your traffic mass and it’s pageviews. The earning of webmasters also depended on a traffic where it is come from or where its location is. Google Analytics provides accurate new visitor, unique visits, returning visitor, mobile visitor, desktop visitor and ios visitor and many more. It also gives knowledge you about your sites bounce rate. Which also helps to improve your site and grow your business massively.

Download Google Analytics Here>>>>>>Google Analytics For Android

You can download Google Analytics From Google Play Store.

2. Google Adsense:


Google Adsense is an advertising network of Google. Many webmasters love Google Adsense because it is reliable and good earning advertising network. It provides quality ads for its publishers and customers. Also, it provides valuable visitors or customers for the advertisers. Coming to the Google Adsense application, it is a product of Google. Google Adsense applications mainly help you to know about your daily earning, clicks on your ads, CPC rate, Ctr rate which you have got on your Adsense account.

Download Google Adsense Here>>>>>>Google Adsense For Android

You can also directly download this application from Google Play Store.

3. Stat Counter:

Stat Counter Stat Counter

This is a useful application for the webmaster to know whole about their sites. To use this application you have to have an account on stat counter website. It provides free version and pro paid version. You can easily use the free version of Stat Counter. Stat Counter helps you to know about your traffic in details. Like where your visitor is come from, it’s hourly report. which article they are loving to see, which article they are searching for. the unique visitor to your site, page views on your site, returning visitor, IP address of your visitors and also bounce rate of your site. I personally use this application and I found it very helpful to me.

Download Stat Counter Here>>>>>>Statcounter Web Analytics Apk

Download It Directly From Google Play Store.

4. Sinium SEO Tools:

Sinium Seo Tools Sinium Seo Tools

Sinium Seo Tools application is most popular and useful application to improve your site SEO. This is the free application provided by Sinium Business. Sinium Seo Tools helps to improve your both on page SEO and off page SEO. By using this application you can check your Alexa rank, Moz rank, your domain authority, page authority, your domain age, keyword density, your backlinks, visitors, your domain IP address, your hosting provider and many more. By using this application you can check your site backlinks and also build backlinks by using Backlinks Builder Option. This application has much more other useful information and tools for webmaster. To know about it in detail you have to install it on your android phone yourself because it does not charge any penny for their services.

Download Sinium SEO Tools Here>>>>>>>Sinium Seo Tools Apk

Download It From Google Play Store.

Hope you all enjoy this article and find it useful to you. These applications are personally used by me and I found these applications very useful and helpful. So I have decided to share these applications with you.

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